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Our project originated from the need to connect the environmental perception of the world with the reality of the present consumption-based society and to form a creative platform that could be used primarily by young artists from academies and other art institutes of higher learning from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to present their works of fine arts and design in their own way. Our goal is to encourage dialogue in arts and culture in the context of environmental protection. This is why we have approached young artists at the beginning of their careers as well as renowned artists who are not indifferent to the environment or take part in humanitarian and social welfare projects.
Arts, design and the environment form part of the public sphere of life and our website is an attempt to create a space where such ideas can be communicated and can blend freely.
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We provide mediation of sale and leasing of the works of young artists at the beginning of their careers as well as renowned artists. In our work we focus on supporting the artists who incorporate recycling and the environment in their work and artists who are regularly involved in projects of foundations. We seek links among traditional painting, photography, new media and concept art, offering the possibility to enter the intellectual world that visualises the image of our modern society.

- We will be happy to arrange a visit in an artist studio and to provide information on works of art and their origination.
- We can visit you and document the location where you intend to place the work of art and will be happy to provide advice
concerning choice of the work and its location.
- We will arrange for transport of the work of art to the location and, if required, we may also arrange for technical installation.

- Consultancy is free of charge
- Photographic documentation of the interior or exterior location and creating a proposed location of the work is free of charge providing that you buy the work of art.
- If the work of art is not purchased, a flat fee will be charged 40.- EUR / 50.- CHF
- The cost of transport is based on agreement with the buyer and depends on the distance and size of the work.

The work of art will be handed over for transport at the latest within 48 hours from receipt of payment (in case of payment by bank transfer).

Payment options:
- Payment by bank transfer (payment details will be sent by e-mail).
- In cash when the work of art is handed over to the buyer in person.

The work of art may be returned within five days of purchase without giving reason. Please do inform us in time.
Postal charges are paid by the client.
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