Her main motto is recycling: the need to protect the nature, to search, to transform, to express her opinion on the topic of the environment. She finds inspiration in factory halls, and the form and origin of material. Like fragments of a Venetian mirror, she picks these artefacts from the environment where they were predetermined for destruction, and uses them to create objects and pictures overlapping in multiple layers. Various points of view reveal different dimensions of the object. The mosaic of colours and reflections attacks us: “You have created me in order to throw me away.”

2009 - 2014 Academy of Fine Art in Prague
2004 - 2007 SUPŠ Sv. Anežky české, Český Krumlov

Selected exhibitions:
2015 Exakta, NoD, Prague
2015 Natura viva - Viva la natura, Go Green Art Gallery in The Czech Centre Milano
2014 JK 2x /Kovářík-Kadlecová/ Kvalitář, Prague
2013/2014 Forum Junge Kunst, Regensburg, Germany
2013 The City, NOD, Prague
2011 Recycling, NOD, Prague
2011 AVU, Polystyrene Sympozium
2011 NOD, Český tučnák
2010 Studio of Vladislav Šaloun, Prague
2010 Clubhouse 2. floor, Prague
2010 Gallery Meet factory, Prague
2009 Gallery COCO, Wien
2009 Gallery GAVU, Prague
2008 Fashion competition Avangarda
2008 Gallery Český Barok
2007 Fashion competition Lysá nad Labem
2006 SUPŠ Sv. Anežky české
2005 Gallery DK Metropol